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The trend is clear: showers, especially floor-even showers, have won out over good old bathtubs. Bathtubs have lost the public’s favour almost to the same degree that showers have climbed the popularity scale.

That’s in spite of the fact that other sanitary products pale in comparison with the bathtub. It represents an oasis of well-being and epitomises the purest form of personal hygiene. After all, Cleopatra bathed in milk – she didn’t shower in it!

For anyone whose name isn’t Cleopatra and who only has one bathroom, the classic bathtub with over-bath shower and shower enclosure is the perfect option. If you have a little more room, you won’t have to choose – you can consider a freestanding bathtub as well.

But be savvy: don’t let the extra space tempt you into choosing a bigger bathtub. It’s no coincidence that the standard size for bathtubs is generally 175 cm by 70 or 75 cm. That’s because a bathtub should be the right size for your own body and fit like a glove.

There’s one more detail to consider, one that is guaranteed to prove important in the long term: the drain actuation system. When you sit in the tub to try it out – which is just as important as trying on new shoes – make sure that the actuation system doesn’t get in the way, as this could ruin your enjoyment of your bath.

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